Rutting Stags…


The spectacle of rutting Stags

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No official start time for this workshop you get to Richmond Park to suit yourself…we will finish photography around midday as it is normally too busy then and the Stags have more than likely settled down for the day.
I will be there for an early start around 6am at the Richmond Hotel to head down for sunrise by the lakes which is approximately 7.15am & it is a fair walk (20 minutes ish) from Richmond hill to the lakes.
As the light gets up we will survey the Stag situation & move off with hope to “photographically shoot” the Deer…if you don’t want to do the early start that’s fine meet up with us whenever suits you.

Park officially opens to driving cars into the park at 7am

Our target is to see the magnificent Red Stag partaking in the noisy & frenetic rutting season bellowing to ward off other Stags, thrashing in the foliage to strengthen their neck muscles & to dress the antlers to exaggerate their size & maybe them engaging in full on fights to gain supremacy over territory or warding of suitors to their hinds…a wildlife spectacle here in the heart of London.
All of this makes for a fascinating morning out & great photos…& if the light plays ball it lights up the Autumn grass & bracken beautifully…

I will be on hand throughout the workshop to assist those who want/need it with all necessary camera settings information, shutter speeds, focal length, composition etc suggestions that will enable you to capture great photos of these magnificent beasts…

If you’re not sure about kit, lenses etc then please feel free to ask or message me first…

Good clothing is advised, sturdy walking boots, long trousers, warm clothes, waterproof in car, gloves…you get the idea, irrespective of the weather the workshop will go ahead.