The Dolomites

My recent trip to Italy was in for both parts a planning mission for future holidays, firstly to visit Venice to experience Carnival then part two was the epic “Dolomite Mountains”

The timing of my trip was dictated by the Venice Carnival so the positive for the Dolomites was it was quiet, maybe a little too quiet as a lot of shops & amenities seemed to be in hibernation mode.

I drove to the Dolomites and arrived at my digs for the trip in the dark so was unsure of what my immediate surroundings were going to give me, I wasn’t disappointed!

The Dolomites is almost impossible to describe, the scale of the place is quite incredible in all aspects the height and size of the mountains, the square miles it covers, the lakes, the forests, the villages are just so quaint, churches adorable, architecture is divine it just goes on and on, TRULY SPECTACULAR!

My trip was 27th February to March 6th so there was plenty of snow which was very deep in some places and surprisingly not too cold a small bonus.

With a quite extensive schedule of places to visit that I had done good research on my time in the Dolomites was to be spent with a gasp, a WOW and plenty of speechless stares in the wonderment of this place!

I found that a lot of the lakes on my ‘to do list’ were indeed frozen “ice and snow rinks” which as I always say “no matter what the weather is doing its just gives us different photographic opportunities”, so this was in its own way fantastic to see.

Ski lifts to the top of a mountain in Alleghe was something new to me and yet another “WOW” if you’ve done it you will understand if you haven’t it is once again in the “EPIC” category. Being so high and still dwarfed by mountains is something I will always remember.

The result of this “research trip” is that I have added another phenomenal place to my own personal places I love and one that I will visit regularly in Spring and Autumn most likely on alternate years. The other thing was that these trips will involve a good amount of walking with some days going into the “hiking” category so much so that I am looking to put together a Dolomites walking/hiking trip which will mean good to high levels of fitness.

I hope to have both the Spring & Autumn trips finalised and planned over the next month or so but the first official trip to The Dolomites will most likely be in the Autumn of 2023.