La Isla Bonita – Photography Holiday!

This is La Palma “The beautiful Island” also know as the forgotten Canary Island.

La Isla Bonita

Both are appropriate, the island is truly phenomenal with a rich and diverse landscape, my personal take on it is “Island of clouds”.

My reasoning is simple, the visual feast the clouds give you is incredible, spilling over the centre of the 2426m high island, you can often be amongst them and will often be above a sea of clouds it is truly an amazing experience.

Why go to La Palma on this photography Holiday?

Apart from the fact that it is the greenest of the Canary Islands, offering the chance to experience real unspoiled nature, verdant forests in the North where lush vegetation drips from the rainforest canopy, to desert moon like landscapes of the south, where volcanic craters and twisted rock formations define the views your host is someone who knows and loves the island and will help you capture amazing images,

What makes La Palma different?

The entire island has been declared a Unesco biosphere reserve this is based on so many things, the rich diversity of nature, along with one of the best night sky observatories in the world has given this island a unique place in my heart.

Add to that the recent eruption in September 2021 which was officially declared over on Christmas day will have changed the landscape on the west of the island from my last “pre covid” trip so I will be seeing natures impact on the island from previous trips. The beaches of black sands, rocks galore and most often quiet from the hordes of people you would expect make for leisurely image making.

Where else will we go in Palma?

As well as the fantastic landscape photography on offer the island is very traditional in its architecture the towns of Santa Cruz, Los Llanos, Tazacorte offer some fantastic photo opportunities as well as boat trips to see dolphins, turtles and whales although there is no guarantee, I can say I have been lucky when I’ve done it.

The 2022 trip is on 12th May – 19th May come & join me.