Rutting Stags in Richmond Park

The recent photography trip saw us at Richmond Park for an early 6am meet to walk into the park and get into our chosen position by the parks main lakes, ready and waiting in anticipation for sunrise. 

About ten minutes before sunrise we were standing there thinking “ok, sunrise is not going to play ball” & we were almost ready to pack up the “landscape setup” but then, hold on there’s the merest hint of colour in the sky, let’s wait and yes it paid off as we ended up with a few decent sunrise shots. 

After that it was a quick change of kit to the long/zoom lens plus the changing the relevant settings on the camera for the wild and exciting stags doing the “rutting thing” with caution and optimism in equal amounts, caution was needed as some “not in our group’ would do well to consider for next time! It can be quite dangerous during the rutting season and seeing the full force of two stags fighting about 30m right in front of us reminds you they are wild animals with an enormous amount of strength in them, respect in their domain is a must!

It was a great mornings entertainment with fabulous people & enjoyed by all.

I hope to see you joining in with me soon.