A Model in Italy!

This all sounds idyllic but the challenges for us both were plentiful, crowds of people, locations, light, lack of light, all this and more made for a challenging few days but we rose to the occasion. The layout of Venice with the canals and streets that can only mainly be termed as alleys flanked by …

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Venice & The Carnival

It is a phenomenally beautiful spectacle with incredible masks and gowns being worn by men women children and I even saw a dog dressed up too. They parade around Venice and this is also has a historic tradition which started in the 13th century when Venetians would hold celebrations and parties from December 26th until …

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Zoom Chats

The first weekend of July sees me heading west from London to the remote but stunning corner of Wales that is Pembrokeshire. My reason for this trip is a long held desire to visit this beautiful part of the country but this time it’s to research the area with all it has to offer photographically …

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